Voxels FW R9000 - OpenVPN doesn't work

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Voxels FW R9000 - OpenVPN doesn't work

Hi guys, i followed the instructions for Voxels FW for the R9000https://www.myopenrouter.com/article/how-set-openvpn-client-netgear-r9000-voxels-firmware

In the description they say to add the credentials if they are not written in the config file. but i doent understand what they want.

I create a new .txt file ....ok but how does it have to look in the text file for username and password ?


ex: Username: test123

     Password: super123


Any ideas to get it working ? 

Also is it right, just copy all that OpenVPN stuff in that Folder on an USB storage and put it in the router and thats all or is there any telnet oder ssh stuff missing ?


Thanks alot guys

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Name of file needs to be

Name of file needs to be called auth.txt

if my username was [email protected] and my paswword with Hello then all you would have in the file is





Don't forget to update the Auth-user-pass with the full location of the auth.txt