VPN speed on R7000

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VPN speed on R7000

I installed ddwrt on my R7000 from a build i saw somewhere. I think its fairly recent. But my VPN speeds are low. I am running PIA vpn in the router and am getting only 20Mbps down speed compared to 180Mbps when VPN turned off. I also see anywhere from 60-100% cpu.
I have read somewhere that this is expected and that the router is ill suited for vpn. Anyone else having the same or different experience. Id very much like to get closer to my ISP speeds if possible.

Please help!

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Hi I am in the same boat i

Hi I am in the same boat i installed the latest Kong build on my R7000 and I am having the same problem I have Fios 150/150 service when PIA VPN is on can only get about 30/30 when i turn off PIA VPN I get my 150/150 speeds I hope someone can HELP if will put router back to stock firmware