WGR614L and uPnP for .Mac/Back to my Mac setup?

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WGR614L and uPnP for .Mac/Back to my Mac setup?

Recently, I've been struggling with uPnP on my home setup.  Currently, I have DD-WRT installed on my router, with uPnP enabled.

I am attempting to use Back to my Mac, a service provided by Apple in their .Mac service, which uses a complicated system of verification to communicate between computers with your .Mac login.  Apple states that it should work with routers that have uPnP enabled.  I have a MacBook and a Mac mini, both Intel.

I've read a lot about it on the web, and have found that some folks have had luck with opening ports on their router.  (BTMM requires TCP port 443 and UDP port 4500 to be open).  However... if you're opening ports, I don't think you're taking advantage of what BTMM is supposed to do.  You shouldn't *need* to expose those ports on your router to solve the issue, if it's working - I thought uPnP just happened.  (It is not adjustable in the DD-WRT firmware; it states that uPnP allows applications to set automatically.)

I tried this anyway, along with disabling the firewalls on both computers, using internal and external IP's, opening the ports in both the port range forwarding and single port forwarding sections of DD-WRT, with no luck at all.  My laptop can "see" my home computer, but cannot connect to it via the BTMM service.

So here's my question - and I doing something wrong with the setup in DD-WRT that is not letting uPnP do its job?  Could I be missing something somewhere else? 

Does the WGR614L stock firmware support uPnP in a way that is different from DD-WRT?  Or am I better off with Tomato? Does anyone here have experience with using Back to My Mac with a WGR614L?  (I suppose this really is a multi-layered question!)

The bottom line is that I'd be delighted if upgrading to the WGR614L at home would solve my problem, since my current home router is not cutting the mustard.

wht evr
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Alright ive been looking all

Alright ive been looking all over for days now heres my problem and i need a big help. I have a mac (ibook G4) with the airport for wi fi. I am using my neighbors internet and i have no idea what router or motom or anything like that he has. I have configured xbox live by connecting my ethernet to my xbox and into my mac. I DO CONNECT to xbox live but, the problem is that MY NAT setting is on Moderate and i need an open to play. Im thinking the reason for it being on moderate has to do with how far i am away, I have no idea. Anyways if someone can solve this that would be incredible and would be indeed great full.