What are log functionalities in DD-WRT build?

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What are log functionalities in DD-WRT build?

Hi there

I'm looking for advanced log functionalities, like I would have with a firewall (which client access which adress at timestamp). Is this possible with the DD-WRT firmware?

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Hi there TiRohn,

Hi there TiRohn,


I did a lot of experimentation on this myself. I wanted to be able to see everything that was going on the network (including websites visited) just from the router. However I found that there's a limited amount you can do without packet sniffing, which isn't really ideal to do from the router either realtime or time to time. The main problem is that many websites now https, which makes it more difficult to see what's really going on.

In any case, I managed to install entware on the router, which allowed me to install the squid proxy server. I signed up for "papertrail" remote logging, and confired dd-wrt to output to papertrail. I then configured the firewall rules on the router to router all network traffic through the proxy in a transparent manner to the end clients.

Result? Well, I got a lot of logs... papertrail is really good for that. But the logs didn't tell me that much.

It took a heck of a lot of effort, trawling through through forums as to how to install entware, then how to install and configure squid, and how to configure the firewall.

In the end, I turned it off - because I think the additional logging/processing was causing my router to periodically crash. This could be because I'd installed a USB stick to enable me to install entware and squid (and the logs). USB sticks aren't ideal for this purpose, apparently.

In any case, to answer your question in short: You can do a lot of logging, if you install entware then the sky is pretty much the limit.

Good luck!