What should I buy? (inexpensive router for bridge)

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What should I buy? (inexpensive router for bridge)

I am about to recieve what is most likely a WGR614v9 in the mail, and it seems that support of dd-wrt on this router is a work in progress...  I am planning on exchanging it for one that I can use sooner, and I figured you guys would be the best ones to ask for advice.

 The router I will be buying is intended to act as a client bridge to connect my TV area to my office.  The router in my office is an old one... a netgear MR814v2 (if that makes any difference) and I am using WEP on it... (I know it is old, and there are better ones on the market now, but I don't plan on replacing it... It still works quite well for my needs.  Unless someone can provide a very compelling reason to upgrade this router...)

 My priorities for this project are ease of set up, cost, and reliability.  I am leaning towards the WGR614L, but I would love to hear other suggestions (or reasons why I am leaning in the right direction).




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Ya John .... you are leaning

Ya John .... you are leaning in the right direction ..... With WGR614L you can easily set up a client bridge (with security  or without security )....

I dont know if Netgear's default firmware supports client /repeater bridge or not but these features are well supported by OpenWRT and DD-WRT firmwares on this router ....

I would recommend DD-WRT bcoz it provides GUI to set up your router as a client bridge while in OpenWRT you need to change some configuration files through command line ......

You can find the DD-WRT build to flash your WGR614L at the following link :


Also for configuring your WGR614L as a client bridge , steps are given at the following link :