Where do I get original Netgear EU firmware?! PLEASE HELP!

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Where do I get original Netgear EU firmware?! PLEASE HELP!

I loaded tomato and my router does not work, internet issues. I have started a whole other thread about it but I am not getting very far. Right now all I want is a working router whether it's netgear, dd-wrt or tomato.

Where do I get the netgear firmware for an EU router? i went to netgear's site, it said come here. Here it only shows firmware for North America.

Will the DD-wrt WW & NA work? Where is WW anyway?


And then how do i do it when the only access I have is the tomato gui. can i just upload the chk files using the webadmin? if not can I use tftp? REALLY don't wanna use serial, router is semi working after all.


Lastly if anyone can help getting tomato work that would also be great. Check my other post. But I don't want firmware that cannot do WPA/WPA2 encryption and PPPoE connections. these are my biggest issues with tomato




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Your quite right, you end up

Your quite right, you end up in a loop when trying to find the original firmware! The trick is to remember that the WGR614L is in fact the same hardware as the WGR614v8. You want the following (mine came with 1.1.11)!


Sorry to say I have no idea how to get DD-wrt working nor Tomato, I have been working on OpenWRT, with luck some one else will pitch in for that bit...