Where is JFFS on Shibby?

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Where is JFFS on Shibby?

Thanks for the interesting work here.

I just upgraded my tomato/shibby to the latest shibby install.  I have WNR3500L first generation.

I use a printer that requires the firmware upload on startup.  When I upgraded, I had to un-check the jffs disk.  When I restarted with the new version I could not find the check box.

I did not locate any docs or comments that it was removed but I note that it seems to have been removed on a different version of shibby (for version two).

Can someone confirm this?  If so, I would expect to see that up front.  Thanks.



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I think you can upgrade to

I think you can upgrade to version 102-BTgui-vpn and Does the jffs need more than 512k flash space?