Where is my usb HD?

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Where is my usb HD?

hi guys.

I just upgraded my DD-WRT firmware to Kong's mod firmware build 16625M. I tried to use my external HD through USB port of my Asus RT-N16. I followed instructions here on how to do this but I still can't get windows 7 to see my HD. Here are the setting:

USB tab:

Core USB support --> Enable

USB Printer Support -->Disable

USB Storage Support --> Enable

Automatic Drive Mount --> Enable

Disk Mount Point --> /mnt

Disk Info:

--- /dev/discs/disc0/disc

Block device, size 465.8 GiB (500107862016 bytes)

DOS/MBR partition map

Partition 1: 465.8 GiB (500105217024 bytes, 976768002 sectors from 63)

Type 0x07 (HPFS/NTFS)

NTFS file system

Volume size 465.8 GiB (500105216512 bytes, 976768001 sectors)

Status: Mounted on /mnt

NAS tab: File Sharing

Samaba --> Enable

Workgroup --> WORKGROUP

Path to Files --> /mnt

Puble Share --> Enable

Readonly --> Enable

Use Custom Config --> Disable

I even disable the homegroup sharing in windows 7 and still can't see my HD. Is there another step to see the HD or is it automatically appear in Network? Thanks for any help

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Have you tried to access it

Have you tried to access it through Windows Explorer by entering:


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Thanks for the reply. I got

Thanks for the reply. I got it figured out. \\routername\public