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Which firmware


My R7000 is under the last version of xwrt-merlin, and i like it. But i've some difficulties to set up some options.

So i've some questions :

- What is the best custom firmware if a would to change to a new one ?

- Which firmware should i use ?


Her some informations about my uses :

- I can't have my R7000 in front of internet with modem ADSL in bridge mode. I used to have my router in dmz because of my ISP.  As far as i know, i can't use openvpn (maybe i'm wrong). Now i use PPTP but i would prefer use openvpn for connect from internet to my home;

- I need some fines settings to set parental control (use of internet per devices, website, hours, website control, etc). Today, i use opendns for the devices of my children. i also schedule access for devices;

- I also need to set QOS. I play with my son with 2 xbox one and we need that the netflix of my daughter still works :-) ;

- I monitor my R7000 from my android smartphone with the Asus mobile app.

- I send all the logs of the R7000 a to a syslog server

- I use NAT options.


I consider myself as an advanced user but not as an expert so i like user friendly UI :-)


Is there someone with some advices ?






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ho... i forgot 2 points :

ho... i forgot 2 points :

- I use my R7000 as a firwall

- i'm french so please excuse my bad english :wink