Which open source firmware is best for Gaming on Consoles

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Which open source firmware is best for Gaming on Consoles

Hi All,

    I am very new to the myopenrouter.com to the firmwares it offers I am new to the Nighthawk X6 family as well.  I do not want to cause any issues or annoyances with the title/subject but my ultimate goal is to get the most appropriate firmware for me for simply playing games on playstation 4 online. 


Modem: SB6183

Router: Nighthawk X6(R8000)

ISP: Comcast/Xfinity 120down and 5up.


I hope to be able to get a lot of helpful information and hope to get educated at least in some of the basics of flashing the router advantage disvantages etc.

I used to have the same setup up there but with the router being Netduma R1 router.  I have decided to move past that router due to a lot of devices on my network etc.  Any helpful tips, tricks and advice is greatly appreciated!  If my router is not good enough or my modem is not the right one and if you have helpful ways to diagnose my ISP/line I am all ears.  I will appreciate any and all input!

Thank You


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IMHO either DD-WRT or Shibby

IMHO either DD-WRT or Shibby's will do the trick for you. I've always considered the best connection for the best performance - so I've always plugged my consoles directly into the router - I'd suggest that will give the absolute best performance if that is possible for you. After that configuring the Quality of Service (QOS) module to give priority to the console is the next thing - probably using its MAC address. There are good guides around if you google for both DD-WRT and Shibby regarding configurying QOS - I've personally found that Shibby makes nice pie charts to look at with its QOS module. It just depends on how deep you want to go into the rabbit hole. I was a die-hard Shibby user on my last router but I wasn't able to configure a VPN internally 100% to my needs so went back to DD-WRT however I'm probably going to jump back to Shibby soon. There honestly isn't a major major difference for most of your day-to-day needs.


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koolshare is working better

koolshare is working better for me then Kong or Shibby


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For the cost of an XBone/PS4

For the cost of an XBone/PS4 ($400+) I can build a fully usable desktop
computer, not a couple of hundred dollars more as you state while for
that extra couple of hundred ($600) I can assemble a pretty decent
Mid-Range Gaming system that out performs either of them in any metric
you wish to test, including Performance per Watt.

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