Wifi signal issues

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Wifi signal issues

Just got my new netgear nighthawk 6x

But the wifi signal wont connect with electronic devices. Seems like I cant go through the routerlogin.net setup. it keeps timing out. 

My devices says its connected, but I dont have internet access.


What can I do?

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I had the same problem, it

I had the same problem, it does not make any sense what so ever. I had to use my MAC computer to complete the setup. The dumbest feature I have ever seen. I have issues with static IP assignment as well. DHCP works well. Connect by cable is your best option and DHCP. If you have a MAC that is even better. Get safar browser or the Netgear Genie App to assist in the process. Dumbest initial set up I have ever witnessed in my life. Hope you figured it out