Will getflix dns work

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Will getflix dns work

Hi I am going to purchase a netgear d7000 because it has a Broadcom cpu, and also is excellent for gaming and streaming so I heard.

only trouble is I would like to set up getflix dns on it for accessing universal video streaming sites, particularly American sites like Amazon video, but I was told by one forum person on another forum that this would not work on netgears d7000 stock firmware, is this true and if so is it possible to change the firmware?

also is netgear d7000 the best Broadcom modem/router for online gaming and streaming and with good wifi range?

i should mention too getflix says they are compatible with netgear products and have a setup instruction for them, but not for any particular model, so I just wanted to be sure before I spent money on the d7000, and in your opinion is the d7000 better than the technicolor modems as that is my current modem/router.

Lastly I was wondering will my Nintendo wii u and 3ds work on d7000 as they did not work on my technicolor.

thanks for this, I really appreciate it