wireless bridge to 3g broadband??

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wireless bridge to 3g broadband??



I recently just setup my NRW2000 v2 with DD-WRT. In which I set this up as a wireless bridge to connect with my primary network so I could gain access to the RJ45 ports as I could not get any cable down to the area.


After this I was thinking if I could do the same or similar thing but not sure if it would work and if so how to do it?


Basically at the moment I can only access the internet with a Netcomm Myzone 3G wireless router http://myzone.netcomm.com.au. Now I was wondering if there was a way to get this to connect to my network so I can gain internet access through my whole network from this device.


Is this even possible? If not with DD-WRT is there something else that would make this work?