Wireless Client Bridge

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Captain Gizmo
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Wireless Client Bridge
Has anyone tried the Repeater Bridge on the Netgear R8000?

The DD-WRT instructions for the R8000 explicitly indicate NOT to use Wireless Client Bridge. I assume this is because with newer routers with MIMO radios do not support Client Bridge and instead allow the configuration of Repeater Bridge mode (which creates a wifi bridge in the same subnet and allows both wifi *and* wired connections both sides of the bridge).

I am curious to know if anyone has successfully configured the R8000 in Repeater Bridge mode.


  1. I am seeking a solution to take the R8000 on the road with me to use in hotel rooms and connect it to their wifi as a Bridge, so I can then connect in my room to my router with multiple devices.
  2. I was hoping to isolate my router and enable DHCP for devices on my router's network to get an IP in their own segment. Is this possible? What mode should the router operate?
  3. Can my router use Private Internet Access VPN provider in the OpenVPN service while operating in a Repeater Bridge capacity?



Look forward to your insight.