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Just bought a WNR3500L and installed it in the home for wireless networking.

The claims on the box and the sales person alluded that I would experience a better and stronger signal for my home and better than the old router I had.


While I think I like this product; I still have pockets of limited or low signal.

I know the location of the router is the key, but I can’t move it. It is on one side of the house, and that is not an option to move it.


I was thinking about getting a range POWERLINE WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER WGXB102, and wondered if this may solve my problem.


Is it compatible with the WNR3500L?

Is it truly plug and go?

Anyone have any experience with this?


I have up to 3 computers (Mac & PC), Wireless Printer and a External Drive that are generally, not to mention the occasional ping from Tivo, DS and Ipod Touch.

Brandon C
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What is exactly your problem?

What is exactly your problem? How far away do you need to extend your wireless connection?