Wireless troubles

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Wireless troubles

Hi! Im a beginner and do not understand everything im doing or writing at this moment so please be nice :)


I installed toastmans tomato for WNR3500lv2 1.28.0497.1 standard on my WNR3500lv2 router. This worked fine updating it straight from the stock firmware.

LINK: http://www.myopenrouter.com/download/37027/Toastman-s-Tomato-Firmware-for-WNR3500Lv2/

It turned out that I had to use an static ip / dns to access internet, i dont know if i can change this to auto and still be online? (would be great)

But its ok, my real problem is that i cant connect my HTC one X to the wireless network. I have tried both auto ip and static ip settings in the phone.

(Auto Ip does not work on my PS3, but static does!)

Thx for answers


Brandon C
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Did you turn on DHCP in the

Did you turn on DHCP in the firmware settings? Changing it (turning it on) shouldn't disconnect what you already have setup.

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This one is now solved. Thx

This one is now solved. Thx for ur answer.

I had to type in hostname / domain name in the basic settings for the DHCP solution to work. (atleast i THINK.. its good, because now my router pick up DNS servers, without me typing them, and gives IP adresses automaticly).

And i did a 30-30-30 reset. Because at first, my router wrote atleast 100 error logs a minute about the dhcp settings beeing bad, right from the newly flashed firmware. Now its ok :).

My next step is to optimize the wireless network. My PS3 can bearly stream normal non HD movies via PS3 media server.

My phone does not recieve optimal signal ethier, i had a setting (dont know what setting) where i reached 20mbit download speed. (speedtest.net app) Now im down to 2-3mbit :(.

My net line, cable, supports 24/1 mbit.

Any suggestions for my settings?