wireless/dns setup

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wireless/dns setup

Ive finally managed to flash tomato onto my R7000 (version 1.28) and now am faced with the daunting task of setting my network up.(seems daunting after so many years with the standard netgear interface!!)

id like to be able to setup 2 different profiles on the R7000 simultaneously,one where i have it connected via ethernet to my pc for gaming purposes and then via wifi to my Roku device downstairs for dns purposes.

This would, as i understand it involve auto dns on my pc profile and a set of fixed dns addresses for downstairs.I dont want the fixed dns address on my pc as it effects my online gaming(or it has in the past where i used the specific dns address for both

i also believe the QOS feature will be of some advantage in this situation but im hoping the experts in the community are able to help or point me in the direction of the correct help.


in advance and anticipation,- thanks

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I am confused.  Are you

I am confused.  Are you trying to have different DNS settings for each device?  What is your R7000 using for DNS?  Your ISP or something like and