WNDR3700V2 firmware

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WNDR3700V2 firmware

does anyone have a good working platform for the WNDR3700V2? DD-WRT has major problems with the wireless dropping out. This problem has been around for a while and the DD-wrt folks don't seem to want to fix it. OPENWRT is only a very small file and missing some major funtions and can not use telnet.


does anyone have a complete build? I would like to have something working and something that can be set to AP mode.


also why does this site not list the wndr3700v2?

Brandon C
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Far as I can tell the only DD

Far as I can tell the only DD-WRT files listed for that router is here.


If you want more than they offer you will probably have to build it yourself.
Far as listing the wndr3700v2 I am not sure what you mean.

Do you want a specific forum for it or are you more interested in articles about it?

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Try Gargoylehttp://www

Try Gargoyle
I am using Gargoyle on my Fon:s and they newer go down. :)

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How is the performance of

How is the performance of Gargoyle as compared to the stock firmware? I have a WNDR3700v2 and I want to be able to add more blocking rules.

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I'll second the wesleyh post.

I'll second the wesleyh post. How come there's nothing for wndr3700v2 on this website? 3500l and 3800 have, all have the fimwares even 3700v1 and v3? but nothing for wndr3700v2...

Only v1 and v3

I do have north american version of this router and I'm surprised that there's no support for it as I can see in many users signature that they have wndr3700v2 with openwrt firmware on their routers