WNR 3500L with another router in the same subnet not possible?

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WNR 3500L with another router in the same subnet not possible?

Hi there!

I'm quite new to networking and I don't really want to get too involved with all this technical stuff - I only want this to work but with my lack of technical understanding that's quite hard :(

Here's my Problem:

I've got an internet router which works just fine. Now, I wanted to add a wireless network to the one I already have. At first, all appeared to work well with the WNR 3500l I bought: I connected the internet port with a LAN port from my other router ét voilá: Internet worked.

But now I noticed a problem: I cannot access the other devices on the other network. I think the problem is the following:
The normal lan computers have an IP like this one:

And the wireless computers AND the WNR3500L have an IP Address like this: 10.0.01

I've tried everything but I cant' seem to get it done to put them all into one subnet.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

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I have had constant problem

I have had constant problem with connecting Apple TV with the internet. I have a wireless internet connection that works fine with my MacBook Air. The Apple TV connects to the wireless network but fails to connect t the internet. Occasionally i find a solution trying a million different things and months later, for no reason, i get the same problem and i cannot remember which of the things i tried finally worked. A clue that could help is that when there is no internet connection to the Apple Tv, the Apple TV fails to locate a Router Address and a DNS address. It shows N/A for both. On the other hand, it has an IP Address, Subnet Mask and a wireless ID. Please help... 




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