WNR3500L-100PES vs WNR3500L-100GRS

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WNR3500L-100PES vs WNR3500L-100GRS


I can't seem to tell the difference between the above two model numbers.

I realise there is a difference between 'v1' and 'v2', but what do the '100PES' and '100GRS' mean, and should I care?


I'm looking to replace some ISP supplied netgear router that seems to have become unreliable (wifi-wise) - it's my parents' one.


Is the 3500 a good choice for a 'value' device? I used to keep up with all this stuff several years ago, and bought a few WRT-54G devices, but I'm out of touch now and now sure what is considered the best one these days...


I don't much like the design of most of the Netgear devices, but the 3500 looks quite nice and 'unassuming' - the others are all funny angles/etc..not my style at all, and more importantly, not my parents' style either, I'm sure.