WNR3500L and Tomato

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WNR3500L and Tomato

Anyone install Tomato on the 3500L? I'm currently running DD-WRT but I want to use a USB HD not formated for Linux and I don't want to become a Linux genius in order to figure out how to modify DD-WRT to do this.

It seems that Tomato can pretty much do this by checking a few boxes in the set up screens.

I LOVE all the setting under DD-WRT but I really need easy access to a NAS HD. I need Port Forwarding but of course Tomato will have that. I like the ability to increase transmitter power but even if Tomato does not have this, I can live without it.

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Don't know why I cannot edit

Don't know why I cannot edit my initial post...

I see that Tomato does have the ability to increase transmitter power.

So... anyone install Tomato? How is the USD HD support?

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Tomato supports NAS interface

Tomato supports NAS interface ... but I can't see any GUI option to access NAS interface ... watever is done that z done through command line ... U can access the NAS through SSH and FTP ...

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Interesting thread over @

Interesting thread over @ LinkSysInfo. Looks like Tomato has been ported to the Gigabit N Asus RT-N16.

RT-N16 shares the same BroadCom CPU and features as WNR3500L. This Beta version is based on latest Tomato V1.27 using Kernel 2.6. According to the DEV/TeddyBear, WNR3500L could be supported in future.