WNR3500L Ping spikes at 300Mbps

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WNR3500L Ping spikes at 300Mbps

When using the router at 300Mbps I am seeing very high latency spikes. I live in an apartment with a lot of other networks within range most of them using Ch 6. When I use Ch1 or 11 I am seeing ping spikes of >2000ms when I go to ch 6 I am seeing an average ping time of ~50ms and spikes seem to be gone. I have found that when switching channels the latency will die down but only temporarily although Ch 6 seems to give the most consistent results.  When I switch to 145Mbps mode Ch 6 gives me an average ping of 1Mbps with spikes in the 20ms range and on Ch 11 <1Mbps with spikes int he 5-10ms range. 

On my end I have quite a few devices on the network although most are turned off. My network consists of;

2 Asus Laptops

1 Sony Laptop

1 Sony PS3

1 Apple TV

1 T-Mobile G1

1 HP Printer

I generally only have the two Asus laptops running at any one time, most of the other devices see very little use for the most part. My router is using the default firmware but has been updated to the latest version.

I am going to try to track down a spectrum analyzer to see if I can determine if there is any interference happening but I have seem some similar posts online so I don't know if it is just a downfall in the hardware.

Any tips on what could be causing the problem?

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Yeah I was just pinging the

Yeah I was just pinging the routers LAN IP. Also it does not seem to be affected by encryption I was seeing the same behavior w/ WPA2-AES on and when it was unencrypted.

My cables are fairly orderly and all are just hanging loose behind the equipment - The CAT6 running from the modem to the router is only 3' long so they are fairly close to each other.

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I will check that when I get

I will check that when I get home. I may try building a simple Faraday cage to see if that helps any.

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Even with the modem unplugged

Even with the modem unplugged an completely without power and distanced from the router there was no change. 145Mbps mode is working well and it isn't like it that cuts into my bandwidth or anything. I may flash the router one of these days but for now this will do.

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Well I don't have to much

Well I don't have to much details on the internals of the radio unit, but I would expect slow downs in case you are serving two bands (n/g) while operating in dual stream N mode.

150Mbit(single stream n)
300Mbit(dual stream n)

As the WNR3500L is a single radio unit.

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/802.11N

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Yeah but at the same time

Yeah but at the same time >2000ms ping spikes is a pretty long ways from of a bit of a slowdown. I am not going to sweat it though, I got it stable and 145Mbps is still six times my available bandwidth.

Thanks for the advice everyone.