WNR3500L printserver possible?

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WNR3500L printserver possible?

Hi, im searching for a solution to connect my printer to my WNR3500L.

Is it possible?

Brandon C
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With DD-WRT it should be

With DD-WRT it should be easily possible. See this article but notice the Printer support.
Also is available in the Tomato Beta firmware.

I haven't tried either yet but it looks fairly straight forward. Don't know about the stock Netgear firmware.

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So now i got a very big

So now i got a very big problem!!! i updated to DD-WRT for WNR3500L v24 K2.6 Mini 13972 BETA (CHK) after that i updated to svn13401. till then all was ok but when i start to configure my network my pc got an bluescreen and now i cant connect to my router :(
is it for the trash now?