WNR3500L to use with VDSL 50MBit/s

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WNR3500L to use with VDSL 50MBit/s

Currently I am using a Linksys WRT54-GL (DD-WRT latest build) connected to a Speedport 300 VDSL modem.

Although everthing seems to be alright I encounter one major drawback caused by WRT54-GL's somewhat outdated hardware, i.e. max. download speed is about 33 MBit/s (Linksys overclocked by 20 MHz), max. upload around 5 MBit/s. Speeds decrease even more when connected via Wi-fi.

 Therefore I am looking for a new open source router.

1. Is WNR3500L capable to handle broadband data up to 50 MBit/s via Ethernet and WAN port?

2. When installing DD-WRT is VLAN/7 and VLAN/8 tagging to use with T-Home Entertain supported?

3. Is it possible to connect the WNR3500L to a VDSL modem? Connection to provider will be established using PPOE.

Thanks and greets

Sam Spade


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By utilizing VLAN tagging the

By utilizing VLAN tagging the traffic is being split into Internet and VoIP (VLAN ID7) and IPTV Multicast (VLAN ID8).

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i'm using one of the latest ddwrt firmwares. The problem is that i cannot get an pppoe connection online with an external VDSL Modem. I think its somewhere vlan-tagging related (need vlan-tag 7). I set that through the setting as on the screenshot above. If i review cat /proc/net/vlan/config i see that the tag is correctly set. But i still did not get a connection.

is vlan tagging generally supported by this hardware? does someone gets this working with vdsl?


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Hi Otto,

Hi Otto,

I have the same problem here, both using a WRT54Gv2 and a WRT610nv1 - the first one just proved unusable - it drops packets as soon as there's a multicast stream. VLAN-Tagging seems to work with a HS300-VDSL modem, but not behind a Speedport router (acting as a modem), since the latter seems to mess up the VLAN-Tagging.

The other router (WRT610n) is completely and utterly useless - the built-in GB switch is a piece of junk that doesn't support VLAN at all. And I couldn't find a working firmware to get a PPPoE connect to begin with.

I spent hours on these routers, just because I desperately need a P2P blocking router. At my own place, I'll stick with a modified Speedport W920v.

If anyone can recommend a VLAN-capable 802.11n GB router with stable P2P-catching firmware, let me know.

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complete guide to t-home entertain with tomato and wnr3500l. in german.