wnr3500l v1 dead?

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wnr3500l v1 dead?

Hi guys.


So I have some problems with my router.

I upgraded it from stock using the DD-WRT found here.


It was all working fine, exept a weird problem with wlan.
I could not get the router to broadcast the ssid, and I could not connect to wlan by manually searching for the ssid either.
The only way I could  connect to wlan was by setting up a virtual network with a separate ssid. That way I could find the network by ssid.


So I figured lets give Tomato a try. This version : 


Now im sitting here with a router that seems pretty dead.

Well, almost that is. I can still use it connected by cable, i have another router that is doing the dhcp job. Everything works fine like this. It even broadcast a wlan named "wireless" that seems to be working fine.
But I can´t figure out what the ip of the router is. So I have no way to try managing it.

I have done a scan with Ip Scanner, but I can´t find it.

Any tips?  

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Do a 30-30-30 reset of the

Do a 30-30-30 reset of the router. The router should default to - Tomato defaults to DHCP disabled, so set your PC to a Static IP in that subnet and try again.