WNR3500L v1 TomatoUSB to DD-WRT [resolve]

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WNR3500L v1 TomatoUSB to DD-WRT [resolve]

Hello everybody,

actually I use my WNR3500L wiht a TomatoUSB  openvpn support firmware.

So I want to try the last DD-WRT openvpn firmware with my router but I'm not sure for the step to do.

Does I do reflashing my router with the OEM netgear firmware then the dd-wrt (for first installation) and the dd-wrt openvpn or directetly in the TomatoUSB interface, flashing the router with the dd-wrt openvpn firmware??

The extension for TomatoUSB FW is .trx, DD-WRT FW is in .bin and It is a little confuse for me.

Thanks for your reply and good day to you

Edit : I try flash my routeur with the DD-WRT FW with .bin extension and it's ok I have do a erase NVRAM with the flashing option of tomatousb.