wnr3500l v2

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wnr3500l v2

I recently bought a netgear wnr3500l v2 router off of ebay that the seller said was used for demostration purposes but was in like new coondition.

I have a question about open ports on both the wan and lan side.

Here are the lan side open ports:

23/tcp open telnet
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
5000/tcp open upnp
5050/tcp open mmcc

Here are the wan side open ports:

Not shown: 987 filtered ports
21/tcp open ftp
25/tcp closed smtp
80/tcp open http
443/tcp open https
587/tcp closed submission
631/tcp open ipp
1720/tcp open H.323/Q.931
6001/tcp closed X11:1
6002/tcp closed X11:2
6009/tcp closed X11:9
6059/tcp closed X11:59
8443/tcp open https-alt
49152/tcp open unknown

The only ports that I have a question about not using are 1720 and 49152 on the wan side and telnet on the lan side.

does the device open these ports? If so how do I close them or is there possibly a firmware trojan on this device? I have also disabled upnp on the lan side but it shows still open and I have rebooted the device after I disabled upnp.

Is there anyway to get on the router and run netstat to see where the connections are going with the stock firmware?


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I am not forwarding the ports

I am not forwarding the ports 1720 and 49152 and not using them and would like to shut them off and I would like to turn off telnet on the lan side too.