WNR3500L wireless signal question

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WNR3500L wireless signal question

Well It seems when I first flashed Tomato or DD wrt on this router, My signal strength for both my wireless devices was between 50-60. But it seems after a day or some tweaking of the settings my wireless devices will drop to around 20 which I think is pretty low, for one of them being directly above the router upstairs, and the other device being about 25 feet away with one wall between the two.

So does this sound like the router supplying wrong info as for signal strength when the router is first flashed? or is there somehow some glitches with these firmwares for the wireless side of things? Because when I see the signal strength at 50-60 I stream alittle to one of the devices without any problems. But as soon as i notice the signal strength has droped to 20, I start having playback problems because of its not geting enough data when needed.

So I'm wondering if anyone has ran across this same problem with the 3500L, and If anyone has any solutions to fixing this. Btw I run the router on channel 3, and I do switch it to see if it helps, but maybe by 1-2. Plus people around me love running on channel 1, and 6 alot. Plus the Wireless N adaptor on the laptop doesn't like any channel above 10 for some reason, causes alot of disconnections.