WNR3500Lv2 has me torn

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WNR3500Lv2 has me torn

Hi all, first time poster.


After lurking and reading the internet on routers that allow gigabit wired, G and N wireless and have good QoS support, I've arrived at the following planned setup in my home:


Cable internet provided by Ziggo cableco at 40/4Mb; tomato running on WNR3500L providing router/gateway function and QoS; WNDR3800 providing wifi coverage on Netgear firmware.


I have purchased both routers today and set up the 3800 with no problems. Without excessive testing it seems to do fine.


Now for the issue: my research showed that in the Netgear product ranges, WNR3500L supports tomato firmware. After unpacking, I notice that I received a version 2. 

The downside is that there is currently NO 3rd party firmware support for this hardware.

The (potential) upside is that the router has 128MB each of RAM and Flash memory, making this an attractive system for further, or so it seems.


As I did all this to get good QoS, I now have to choose between returning the 3500 or waiting for firmware support to catch up.

Does anyone care to comment on the likelihood of Tomato coming to this firmware?

Any other comments, beside the obvious criticism of Netgear in changing hardware revisions drastically with only a minor type change that does not make it to all descriptions...?

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Hi Ferdii..

Hi Ferdii..
I m not sure if i m missing something here, but the WNR3500L V2 seems to be listed ni TomatoUSB homepage as supported device (without USBmini but I dont think that this would be an issue for you)

I m considering buying the WNR3500L but if you say the V2 is not working then I would need to be careful about this.



Brandon C
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There is a WNR3500 V2 and a WNR3500L V2.
Tomato will work with the WNR3500 V2 but not the WNR3500L V2.

If you buy a WNR3500 you would want to get the WNR3500 'L', 'V2' or 'U' to currently use Tomato not the 'L V2'

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Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification BC.