WOL wake on lan - can't get it to work for more than a day

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WOL wake on lan - can't get it to work for more than a day

hi all, this is my first post.


just installed latest version of Kong's fantastic firmware and am having problems getting WOL to wake my pc over the internet. using wake on lan magic packet tool. (I have already setup a DynDNS account to do this)

I have followed several guides, specifically this one http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/WOL of which none seem to wake my pc.

one method suggests creating a port forward to a non-existent LAN ip address such as (i used port 7777) and adding an ARP entry such as arp -i br0 -s FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF which i also tried, but didnt work either.

is it "compulsory" to use port 7 or 9 for WOL, i though you can use any port you like...?

other method was to select the pc i want to wake from the list of devices in the WOL table, but this didnt work either.

I noticed when i ticked the pc i wanted (ie. to wake from the "available hosts" list, it apppears in the "WOL Addresses" box below as, and not with the same ip address is has in the avilable hosts list...? or is it supposed to do that? either way nothing works from the internet.

The pc i want to wake will only wake on the home lan and also from "within" the router gui, once i have logged into it remotely and pressed the WAKE UP button. But i want to be able to wake my computer without having to log into the router, i want to be able to do it from my iphone or any pc using any WOL "magic packet" Tool, over the internet.

am i doing something wrong ? any help appreciated.

[UPDATE] Just discovered something quite weird. It seems that if i put my computer to sleep for a long time and try to wake over the internet, it doesnt work. But if for example i wake the pc by logging into the router and then put the pc to sleep again. if i try to wake using a magic packet tool over the internet , it will wake!! So it appears the "TIME ASLEEP" is playing a factor here in the waking process. Why after a certain period of time, will the Pc not respond to a magic packet over the internet? Im baffled.


[Partly Resolved]

OK i managed to get it working on my own. basically I had to do the near opposite of the tutorial...?

contradictory to the tutorial, I portforwarded port 7777 directly to my Pc's IP and made an arp entry FOR my PC IP and its MAC address and ticked my PC in the WOL table. once i did this, i sent my pc to sleep, and went to work this morning, sent a wake command and BOOM, up she came Surprised

....only thing is, it only worked for one day, tried it from work next morning and it no longer works. Back to the drawing board... Undecided