Would the WNR3500L reboot after a disconnect

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Would the WNR3500L reboot after a disconnect


Im not too sure why I get disconnected from my ADSL internet connection but when this happens and I'm away from my computer its not too good as I use my computer as a server thru DynDNS.

Can the WNR3500L reboot and reconnect to the internet when it sences a loss of connection automatically?

I am happy to get an ADSL modem that you would recomend that would work with the WNR3500L

Im hoping the problem is not the Filter.


thank you.

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If the connection drops,

If the connection drops, autoreconnect will establish a pppoe connection again, but if the connection hangs and there is just no traffic going through pppoe then you are out of luck unless you setup some watchdog for example. But it is not very common, that a pppoe connection just hangs without running into a timeout. Once pppoe timeout happens dd-wrt will redial.

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I don't own a WNR3500L. I'm

I don't own a WNR3500L. I'm researching them. Thank you for your advice