WPS printers and Devices

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WPS printers and Devices

Hi All 

new to this kind of thing, but have been trying to solve an issue for 2 days now, and what is left of my hair will not take it anymore.


Netgear R7000 running Advanced Tomato 3.5-140.

i understand there is no WPS function anymore, but i need to add 3 printers to the network wirelessly.

all printers only come with a usb and no ethernet. 

if i plug the usb into the router i can see it at the bottom of the page (USB & NAS). I can also print through it via a pc through the network.

What I need help with is connecting the Printer wirelessly and not through the USB as it isnt practical. 

the printer has spat out a page with its info on (Mac Address) but i cant see a way to add it or even get it recognised via the router.

All help appreciated

All the best