wrong sort-order for videos (date instead of name)

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wrong sort-order for videos (date instead of name)


i signed up to your forum, because i can't solve the following Problem:

I have a "Netgear WNR3500 v2/U/L v1" running dd-wrt with DLNA-FW Kong 18050.

Minidlna is running perfectly.

Some days ago, i bought a Panasonic TX-P42GW30. Unfortunately, the TV shows the videos sorted by date, not by name as i want to have.

The Panasonic-Support told me, that the GW30 shows the videos according to the sort-order the DLNA-Server delivers.

Is there a posibility, to change Minidlna, so that it sends the videos in alphabetical order after a DLNA-request?

I have only few bit Linux-Experience. I found several patches, but was not able to alter or patch des minidla-software on the router.

Many thanks in advance.