ww-drt mini to tomato user/password no longer works

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ww-drt mini to tomato user/password no longer works

my WNR3500L came today I was really excited, I couldn't get the router to work with my o2 connection, so I had to connect it to my old router, no matter I could use my old router as a modem by turning off the wireless. 

I got my connection running, now I brought this router so that I could use tomato on my router, so I installed mini ww-drt on to my router, at this point the router could not connect to the internet but I thought I would solve the problem once I had tomato loaded, so I loaded on tomato using ww-drt and now I can't login with admin/root I did some reading 

It seems ww-drt stores the username/password with md5 so admin/root would have been salted and encrypted, so without the salt that ww-drt uses I can't work out what the plain text password is for root or admin, so I thought no problem I'll flash the firmware via telnet or something

I did the research and it seems to reflash these routers you have to open up the case and buy a special wire, rip out some of the wires and connect them to the motherboard headers and do some serial interfacing with putty, I'm not willing to do that, I am most definitely not a hardware man, I would short out the board within 2 minutes by accident and then I really would have a £100 door stop 

Does anyone know of any other options, to get me at least back to square one, or a way to get the password for tomato now that it's been encrypted, because a) I can't configure the router and b) it's not broadcasting internet and the light on the front is solid orange.

I'd appreciate any options/solutions any one could offer

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hmm seems I could login after

hmm seems I could login after performing the "30/30/30" cycle, I got a small nail and pushed the reset button down at the back of the router and held the button down for 30 seconds I then turned the router off with the button and then held the nail in for a further 30 seconds then I turned on the router and held it in for another 30 seconds, I believe this cleared the nvram which allowed me to use my login, currently enjoying the benefits of tomato :)

Peter Redmer
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Yep, the 30-30-30 is handy

Yep, the 30-30-30 is handy for clearing nvram and restoring defaults, thus enabling you to get back in with the default password. Glad you're up and running!

Truthfully, I'm not exactly a hardware guy myself, but the USB-TTL cable restore method is pretty easy. I've done it literally dozens of times with no shorts or technical difficulties. I would say that as long as you're not too afraid of a terminal window, you're good to go. It just involves plugging in a few wires, or if you don't have a pinout, some very simple soldering.

So, if it comes down to it, I would do that before turning your router into an expensive doorstop :)


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I had the same problem when I

I had the same problem when I flashed to tomato. I did the hard reset and was able to get in.

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Was having connection issues

Was having connection issues with the router so I foolishly decided I'd change the tomato firmware back to default, since it was the only change in my network setup at the time.

How naive I was :| I got the netgear firmware and tried to perform a firmware upgrade in tomato, now I can't get anything from my router, it flashes green and the light below that is orange, the router doesn't respond to anything.

Peter is there any where I can buy that lead detailed in your guide, in the UK I'm a student and £12 delivery for a £15 lead seems a bit much, I would usually look myself but as you may understand I want to make sure it's the correct lead and ideally as cheap as possible.

Before I do try debricking using your article are there any other options I can try? Besides the 30/30/30 method as I've tried that to no avail, playing with the exposed motherboard isn't my idea of fun given that I've fried a couple of PC components in my time lol :\

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I've had a quick look on

I've had a quick look on google shopping would this lead be suitable?: