Is your ISP robbing you?

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Is your ISP robbing you?


What internet speed are you paying for?

If you are paying for a speed over 10 megabytes, check the equipment your ISP provided you. Cable/DSL/wireless etc.

If it has a 10/100 port/ports that you are being robbed.
If you are paying for less than 10 megabytes then you are ok.


10/100 ports will give you a transfer speed of 0-12.5 Megabytes per second even though you may see 100MBps as you connection speed. Don’t confuse the two.
Connection speed does not = to transfer speed.
Transfer speed - the speed at which a file is transferred from point A to point B.

Try this
Share a file on 1 pc and try to copy it from another on a 10/100 network. (Don’t use wireless to run the test use Ethernet Cables?)
Note the peak transfer speed.
Now run a speed test from
Or your preferred speed test site.

If you are paying for a connection greater than 10 Megabytes (e.g. 20 Megabytes) the speed test will say its 20 Megabytes per second.
How can this be possible if the maximum transfer speed of a 10/100 equipment is 12.5 Megabytes per second?

Something to think about?

Forget about transfer speeds on the Block/QOS upload speed from the site etc.
A 100 connection or 10/100 port will give you 12.5 Megabytes per second.

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I think you have bits & bytes

I think you have bits & bytes confused. ISPs rate their speeds in bits also, not bytes. Also you will never get the stated rates. There is always packet overhead.

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As MUNGO says, the OP is

As MUNGO says, the OP is confused about bits and bytes, and there is also overhead. So, that means that 12.5 Megabytes per second is pretty much the same as 100 Mbps, in fact it is probably a little higher.