Success with OpenWRT on R6220

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Success with OpenWRT on R6220

I recently upgraded to a Netgear R6220. I have previously used OpenWRT on a Netgear WNDR3700, and wanted to do the same here. The main purpose for switching from OEM to open source firmware was to enable internet service through the USB port. I can' t get decent broadband internet at my house, but I can get decent cellular data signal. I have a wireless hot spot (Netgear AirCard 815S) that supports USB tethering. I use the hotspot modem to talk to the cell tower, then feed the signal to the USB port on the router.

I was doing the same thing on the WNDR3700, but had a lot of trouble finding an open source distribution that would work on that router and talk to the hotspot modem. I tried DD-WRT, and also OpenWRT, but both would not connect to the modem. I eventually found and tried an Australian distribution of OpenWRT called ROOter. Current version is based on OpenWrt 18.06.1. There seems to be a lot of people down under with a similar problem - not much cable lines once you get outside of the cities, but cellular is available. That distribution does a good job of interfacing with many different cellular modems, and supports the USB interface method.

So the whole setup has now been shifted to the new R6220 router, and it's running great. On a good day, I can make 100 Mbps on the cellular modem (4G LTE service). The router has much greater bandwidth and can pass virtually all of that to the devices with little loss. I'm hoping the cellular provider upgrades to some level of 5G service in the next year or so. At that point I'll have to upgrade to a 5G hotspot modem, but otherwise the rest of the setup should be good.