OpenWRT to something else... how?

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OpenWRT to something else... how?

Hi there,

I'm brand new at this 3rd party firmware thing, but I needed to try something as my router is sitting aside not being used because it's imcompatible with my ISP's modem/router. 

One thing lead to another, and I now have OpenWRT 19.07.1 installed, and could figure most of if out, except for WIFI, which as it turns out isn't really supported on the R7000; so much so, there isn't even a WIFI settings page.

So I'm wanting to change to another option; I'm not too concerned if it's DD or Tomato, as long as I have WIFI settings, and the abilty to assign a VLAN number to the WAN port. 

What would be the easist way to change to one of these? 








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Check the DD WRT website or