R7000 Switch and wifi extender setup question

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R7000 Switch and wifi extender setup question

Hello all,

I wired my house to have most of my equipment wired and have an old R7000 in a box that I would like to used to firstly replace my netgear switch in the atic but also to use it as a wifi extender for the first floor and and I am wondering what is the best firmware to use on it and what mode to use to set it up? 

My current set up is as follow:


Router port 4 => Netgear GS308 (8 ports) => Living Room (TV/Kodi Box/Xbox One/BT Vision box/NAS)
Router port 3 => CAT6 cable => Netgear GS605 V4 (5 ports) located in the attic =>

=> Office (2 ports) 1x Desktop PC & 1x Laptop occasionally.
=> Master Bedrooms 1x Smart TV

So the R7000 will replace the Netgear GS605 located in the attic as a switch for the wired connection but I also want it to extend/boost the wifi on the first floor.

I hope that make sense?