Bricked 7000P can't un-brick

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Bricked 7000P can't un-brick

I have a 7000p that is stuck in a boot loop.  Only returns about 2 pings so i can't tftp via ethernet.  I have attempted to follow this page but i am not having any luck.


Now i do wonder if in my earlier attempt i shorted the USB-TTL cable as it does not show up in device manager at all (i did attempt to pre install drivers).  Also at the USB end it gets a little warm.  I wasn't positive on the pin configuration so that could be my fault.  Putty never does connect.


The router itself still has the same symptoms, boot flashes all lights, power is amber and 2 or 3 ping returns, then all over again.


anythoughts before i dumpster this would be appreciated.  Thank you.