How to get r7000 working with sky broadband

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How to get r7000 working with sky broadband


sorry I am useless but want to learn!!

i want to replace my sky broadband modem/router ER115 with my Netgear nighthawk r7000.

i got my username and password using Wireshark. But when it comes to the interenet test it doesn’t connect just has orange light.

at the minute I have switched off the wireless on ER115 and using the r7000 as a wireless access point.

if someone could talk me through step by step that would be great as I am pulling my hair out.



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Is your R7000 WAN port

Is your r7000 WAN port connected to a LAN port on the ER115? Do you want to turn off routing on the ER115 and use as a bridge to the r7000?

Phil In Ada