R7000/AC1900 DD-WRT Question

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R7000/AC1900 DD-WRT Question

I have an R7000 router that has DD-WRT installed on it. I would like to revert back to the stock NetGear firmware. I have tried to upload NetGear's original firmware from the DD-WRT interface that did not work. I have tried to install the original firmware from TFTP2 and that also did not work but, I don't know if I am using that program correctly because the program just keeps saying to "Retry". Can someone please help me revert back to the original NetGear firmware?

Thank you.

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This is off of the top of my

This is off of the top of my head so take with grain of salt...recently March 2019 I ordered a certified refurbished netg. R7000 from Amazon. Apparently it was made or refurbished by Netgear LTD Intern'l in Ireland and the power adapter (internal..??...I'm not an EE or a Comp. Engineer)..just read on the bottom of unit..says made in Vietnam...in contrast to another "exact" R7000 unit that says internal power adapter Made in China and no reference to Ireland. They both refer to Netgear California. Here's the thing I could not upgrade initial Netgear Genie etc firmware to Kong mod, Brainslayer or any other Dd-wrt mod .chk initial flash or either the .bin final flash(I tried everything...erasing nvram, resetting to default...blah..blah.and nothing worked)...I've done it before and before (my store bought first R7000) dd-wrt .chk and .bin ddwrt flashed easily w/ no problem like expected (bought new at best buy and on bottom it recerences California and China). But the cert refurbed R7000 from Amazon which references California, "Ireland", and "Vietnam" on bottom of unit would not flash ddwrt..any version or mod. So on the refurbished Ireland/Vietnam R7000 I upgraded the stock Netgear firmware to the latest and to my dismay this same unit would now not downgrade the Netgear stock firmware and after upgrading stock firmware, resetting to default, clearing nvram etc etc it still would not upgrade any version of ddwrt...initial chk file or the .bin file. SOLUTION THAT WORKED (not sure why..?): I upgraded the Amazon certified refurbished Netgear R7000(with Netgear LTD intern'l and Vietnam referenced on bottom of unit) firmware from Netgear Stock to OPENWRT FIRMWARE first...no problem...then reset router to default and erased the nvram and THEN FLASHED/UPGRADED FROM OPENWRT TO DD-WRT FINAL .BIN FILE FIRMWARE(I USED KONG 306070 MAY 2018....but I think any ddwrt preferred version/mod .bin file will work). SO IN REVERSE...MAYBE FIRST UPGRADING/FLASHING YOUR DDWRT FIRMWARE TO OPENWRT FIRMWARE FIRST AND THEN FLASHING NETGEAR STOCK FIRMWARE WILL WORK. But I would NOT flash to newest or recent Netgear stock firmware, and instead I would flash to a older Netgear R7000 stock firmware. Good luck..