From Tomato by Shibby ver.140 to R7000-back-to-ofw.trx cannot access setup anymore

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From Tomato by Shibby ver.140 to R7000-back-to-ofw.trx cannot access setup anymore

Dear Gentlemen,

I tried to search from this forum and Google too but seems no similar issue. Found some suggestions from Netgear website but follwed those and no luck. 


I am setting up Netgear R7000 for a VPN. It requires Tomato by Shibby.

At first I followed through the installation step very well. Tomato by Shibby ver.140 was installed in the router nicely.

Then I installed the VPN app. The installation was successful, but it could not work properly. After consulting the VPN support, they advised me to try uninstall the app and reinstall. I did that but no help.

Next is what messed things up.


Then I decided to flash back the FW to Netgear R7000 original FW --> R7000-back-to-ofw.trx

After reboot then I cannot access to Genie any longer. No IP works;,, 192.168.0.x I tried to use IP scanner (on Windows 10) but it could not find any other active IP.

Looking on the router LEDs seems like it is working. And my computer can receive the IP address by both wifi and LAN cable. I tried 30/30/30 reboot = no help. I am even not sure that Genie is still in that FW or not R7000-back-to-ofw.trx.

If Genie is still there, then I would like to know the IP address of the router.

Or if the web server in the router is not turned on, how could I configure it to flas the later updated FW, or even Tomato maybe without the web interface ???

Please advise. Looking forward to the suggestions.

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Shibby is no longer supported, you should use fresh tomato. But first you need access to the router.

Lets start with the easiest way first.

Open a command prompt and enter "ipconfig"

This will list the computer ip addresses.

The address listed as gateway should be your router ip address.

This is assuming your computer is set for dhcp and wired to the router.

use the gateway address to access the router.

Been down this road many times, it can be fixed.