Have a new R7800, need assistant

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Have a new R7800, need assistant


I'm about to receive this router:


I want to use OpenVPN to configure ExpressVPN and I'll have Raspberry Pi with Pihole installed on it.

Which firmware should I choose if I want to configure the openVPN on my router? Voxel or dd-wrt?

If dd-wrt, I need to download the R7800-factory-to-ddwrt.img 2018-10-28 17:02 25M from here, right?



If Voxel, how do I flash it and run openVPN with it? I read there is a readme file the explains how to do that, where I can find it?



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Hello Brighi,

Hello Brighi,

I can only respond regarding Voxel's Netgear firmaware upgrades.  You find his firmware and the readme file here:


The readme file covers use of OpenVPN Client & Server.


Flashing your R7800 is wuite easy.  It is best to use the web-based GUI, called Genie, for flashing with Voxel's firmware.  The Genie application you can install on your computer does not as smoothly with the Voxel firmware updates.  You open Netgear Genie by entering the IP address of your R7800, (, in the address field of your browser.  You will be asked for login credentials to gain access to your R7800.  The default username is admin.  You pick a password (and must write it down) during the installation process of your new router.

This web-based utility features two tabs: Basic and Advanced.  Flashing or, Updating Firmware, is listed under the Administration menu on the left side of the dispay in the Advanced tab.  Downloads of Voxel's firmware are compressed zipfiles so, you must extract this to obtain the desired *.img file to use with the web-based Netgear Genie utility.


I flashed my R7800 with Voxel's latest firmware version about one hour ago and I have not lost my WiFi signal once.  Updating firmware is a 2-3 minute procees but, you must do this using a wired connection to your computer or NIC.


Voxsl is quite good at what he does.  I am certain you will enjoy his software and the enhancements it provides to your new R7800.


Good luck,



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Thanks, Rick.

Thanks, Rick.

So to see if I understood correctly, I just download the last version of Voxel from the link you gave me, flash it through Genie (rest-flash-rest, is that correct?), and then follow the Voxel's guide for how to configure the openVPN?

Do I need to backup something before I flash so I'll be able to save my router in case it got bricked?

Also, do I will get Voxel's updates automaticly or do I need to update it manualy? 



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