Benefit of custom firmware for networking novice

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Benefit of custom firmware for networking novice


I've looked a bit through the threads and didn't see a clear answer to this so thought I'd post here. I just got a 7800 with the idea of keeping a vpn loaded through ddwrt/flashrouters. Tried that but realized that was sort of stupid for my purposes. Everything worked fine without VPN on ddwrt but I didn't understand 90% of the settings so thought I'd try voxel. Installed voxel and everything worked and it seemed just as fast as ddwrt but then I wondered why I was using voxel and not stock? So then I installed stock and everything is working fine with same speeds. 


I get 70mbps down at home. Don't really game and the main use of our internet is really just the one Roku we have. Otherwise internet is used for browsing- no torrenting or anything like that. 


So my question is, are there advantages to using a custom firmware for someone like me?