R7800 (Voxel) IPTV multicast issues (IPC6023)

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R7800 (Voxel) IPTV multicast issues (IPC6023)

Hi, in the past week I've started to get drop outs on my BT TV (youview) subscription channels, like Discovery. They work for 5 mins, freeze and then I get the error message IPC6023. A broadband speed test says I have 50Mb, so it doesn't look like a bandwidth issue. Anohter suggested reason for the code is that the Youview box hasn't recieved a multicast packet for 5 secs.

I'm trying to rule out a LAN issue. I have an Openreach modem -> R7800 (Voxel) -> Netgear unmanaged switch -> Humax .

Has anyone else come a cross this sort of problem. I read on a forum that you can use VLC to play a multicast test stream, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I just get the VLC pogress bar doing a night rider impression with an orange block  going back and forth.

The problem ony started a week ago, it's been fine for several months before that.

Any ideas please?


Thanks, Nick.