5ghz config question

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5ghz config question

Hi all after a little advice if anyone can help. Only recently I learned how important it was too ensure you set "valid channels" specifically on my R7800 5ghz interface. Speed on that interface and the virtually 5g interface is now awesome. Now though I recently have been configuring an R8000 and noticed this device had TWO 5ghz interfaces. Should I set them up separately with different settings or both the same settings ???


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I keep my 5GHz channels

I keep my 5GHz channels separated, but I do that in order to keep one "high end" 5GHz AC and max width up for my devices that support it. I also have some devices that benefit from the 5GHz bandwidth but do not support AC at 80MHz so I keep a more compatible 5GHz SSID running as well (and leave the 2GHz channel for the scrub devices or guests ;)) Thise use case works best for our house simply because of the types of devices on the network and their importance/need for bandwidth - else I would have run the two together as you can with the 8000 (I am on the 9000, though had an 8000 briefly as well) So, I suppose the answer should come more from you and what your plans are for your network!