Cannot Unbrick NETGEAR X6 R8000 Router

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Cannot Unbrick NETGEAR X6 R8000 Router

Dear all,

I uploaded (through Tomato) a corrupted firmware and my router is now bricked.

I tried to do forced reset but no luck;
I tried to upload the latest firmware through either TFTP windows app or through the prompt by typing tftp -i put "firmware name" + reset right after having restarted the router but no luck again;

If i type ping on The prompt it gives me 4 answers in which it says it cannot comunicate with the static IP Before doing the above i put as a static IP, as subnet mask, as gateway. If i type on the browser i cannot find the router. It is as If router and PC cannot find each other. But when i type ping The router actually give me The 4 answers so it should mean that it is not dead. If i turn on the router it shows me the Power, wifi and wps leds on. Need help from The expert users. Netgear support is not able to help as usual