R8000 function at Gigabit fibre speed

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R8000 function at Gigabit fibre speed

Hi Team 

I've tried everythign i know to try and get this R8000 running the latest dd-wrt to function at my 900Mbps Down and 400Mbps but  the maximum i seem to get is 200-240Mbps

Can anyone help with some possible setting i could change to get me close to these stipulated speeds, cause i can get these with my Stock Spark NZ Router thats provided



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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

I'm having a similar problem.  Running DD-WRT v3.0-r39960M kongac (06/08/19) never had a problem until I migrated to gigbit speeds (900 Mbps Verizon).  I'm getting under 500 Mbps.  Disbabled QoS.  Would appreciate some help.  

Thanks everyone.  Stay safe!



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DD-WRT doesn't use the binary

DD-WRT doesn't use the binary blob drivers, so you can't get above ~450 Mbps wired (even Kong confirmed this). Tomato however does, you just need to check the "Enable CTF" option under Advanced - Miscellaneous. People report 900+ Mbps after doing that.

I was on Kong initially on the R8000 and switched to Tomato Shibby years ago, for me it is much more stable and speeds are extremely consistent. I'd suggest you give it a go as well if you want to improve your speeds.

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a gigabit is different than a

a gigabit is different than a GIGABYTE