Trouble enabling Telnet on WNDR37000

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Trouble enabling Telnet on WNDR37000


I am trying to use DSLstats v6.5 to record what happening with my internet connection but I cannot get it to connect to the router.  I am trying to enable telnet on the WNDR3700 with no luck.  I've tried the URL based method ( with no luck.  Now I've been trying to use the TelnetEnabler tool and still cannot get it to work.  I am using the TelnetEnabler2 that works for Windows10 (linked on this page  Running it with the command "telnetEnable2.exe <LAN MAC Address> Gearguy Geardog" and also with the user name/password that came with the router.


Any suggestions?  I am going a bit crazy on this one as I feel like it should be easier that what I am running into.


Thanks very much.

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Quoting the web page that you

Quoting the web page that you linked: "Keep in mind that new routers no longer use Gearguy/Geardog as the username and password. You will need to provide your web interface credentials (usually admin / password) Also, don't forget to convert the MAC address of the router to uppercase letters, and remove any colon."

So if the router's user/pwd had been changed you would need to use the current credentials that also work with the web configuration UI. If you do not know working credentials you could reset to factory defaults if the router has a button for that. Just my ideas.