Trouble enabling Telnet on WNDR37000

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Trouble enabling Telnet on WNDR37000


I am trying to use DSLstats v6.5 to record what happening with my internet connection but I cannot get it to connect to the router.  I am trying to enable telnet on the WNDR3700 with no luck.  I've tried the URL based method ( with no luck.  Now I've been trying to use the TelnetEnabler tool and still cannot get it to work.  I am using the TelnetEnabler2 that works for Windows10 (linked on this page  Running it with the command "telnetEnable2.exe <LAN MAC Address> Gearguy Geardog" and also with the user name/password that came with the router.


Any suggestions?  I am going a bit crazy on this one as I feel like it should be easier that what I am running into.


Thanks very much.