Resetting Username and Password in DD-WRT on NETGEAR WGR614L

This document describes the method of resetting your user name and password in DD-WRT firmware on WGR614L.  First, we'll discuss how to set this up when a hard reset has been performed on the router.

Resetting Username/Password In DD-WRT On WGR614L After A Hard Reset

After doing hard reset, access your router through your browser.

Configuring NETGEAR WGR614L as an OpenVPN Server With DD-WRT

OpenVPN is used to build site-to-site VPNs with SSL/TLS protocol, or with pre-shared keys.

This article describes the procedure to configure your NETGEAR WGR614L as an OpenVPN server using DD-WRT firmware.

I am using the static key method to configure the server.  This guide also assumes that you have OpenVPN installed on your PC.

Resources, Firmware, and How-To Guides For NETGEAR's WGR614L

Reference and Specs of the WGR614L

Hardware Specifications of the WGR614L

Configuring NETGEAR WGR614L with DD-WRT as a RADIUS Client

Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol that provides centralized access, authorization, and accounting management for people or computers to connect and use a network service.

A RADIUS setup basically consists of an authenticator / RADIUS client, an authentication server and a user client.

Hacking Your NETGEAR WGR614L: How To Install A Serial Port

NETGEAR WGR614 Series Serial Numbers - Version Cross Reference

One of your readers requested a Version to Serial Number Cross Reference List to determine which version of the router one has based on the serial number of the router. I was also interested in finding out the same information.

Configuring NETGEAR WGR614L As A Wireless Client Bridge with OpenWRT Firmware

You can now configure the WGR614L router as a wireless client bridge using OpenWRT firmware - read on to learn how!


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